Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hi everyone! Free Ring Giveaway!

Please take a look at a blog reveiw for Spirals and Spice at:

Stephanie did a great job! The Cartoon Lovin' Momma: Spirals and Spice Review and Giveaway

Monday, February 1, 2010

Spirals and Spice Celebrates 100 Sales on Etsy! WOOO! HOOOO!

On January 27th, Spirals and Spice took it's 100th Order!!!! Yeah!!!! In honor of this special day, Spirals and Spice gave it's 100th customer a free wire wrap art ring of her choice. Our special "100" customer is Tanyah from Ohio. In honor of the celebration, we asked Tanyah if we could share "her story" with our readers. We hope it will touch your heart the way it did ours. Here is Tanyah's story in her own words:

Three weeks ago, my house burned to the ground. Thankfully I was able to get my family out of the house in time, but we got out with only the clothes on our backs. We lost everything. As I stood in my socks in the snow and watched the home my husband and I built just 6 years ago light up the sky in flames, I realized all of the items I’d lost. I didn’t get any of my scrapbooks or pictures out. All of my handmade quilts that I made for each of my children… gone. The journals my husband has kept for the last 12 years, including his two tours of duty in Iraq… destroyed. Where do you even begin to look to start replacing those special items? Obviously, some things are irreplaceable and you simply have to mourn the loss. But what about the others? The community has been so overwhelming in their support for us. We now have several new quilts to get us back on our feet, and all of our potter and jewelry-making friends have given us some handmade items as well. But has been such a wonderful place for me to escape the reality of what happened and begin work on replacing some of my special items. It makes me feel good that I am assisting artists by purchasing their items, as opposed to “Made In China” products from big box stores. I get a little excited to see my new items as they arrive in the mail, to find that they are so much more beautiful than I thought they’d be. Also, several vendors on have stepped forward and offered to replace items that I had purchased from them before the fire. It has been a truly touching experience.

Way to go Etsy Artisans for lending a hand when one is needed. We are so glad to hear Tanyah and her family are recovering from their loss. A truly inspiring story for us all.

Thank you for sharing it and making out 100th sale a special celebration, Tanyah!